Turkish Armenian Women’s Alliance (TAWA) is a grassroots group of Turkish and Armenian women based in and around Boston, Massachusetts.

About TAWA

TAWA’s Journey (October 2013)

This video segment includes interviews from 2012-2013, conducted with those TAWA participants who agreed to be interviewed on camera, separate and outside of the group meetings.

The following video segments present interviews from 2016, with a few of the participants, reflecting on TAWA, two years after it dissolved.

TAWA II: (Historical Memory/Common Ground) (May 2016, Aug, 2016)
TAWA III: Why TAWA? (May 2016, Aug 2016)

This particular video was presented during a conference held at Eurasia International University in Yerevan, Armenia in the summer of 2016. The conference titled “Local Roots of Global Peace” was chaired by Prof. Anna Ohanyan from the Department of Political Science & International Studies at Stonehill College, and co-sponsored by Eurasia Partnership Foundation and Eurasia International University based in Yerevan, Armenia.

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About TAWA