TAWA Interviews

Turkish Armenian Women’s Alliance (TAWA) is a grassroots group of Turkish and Armenian women based in and around Boston, Massachusetts.

TAWA’s Journey (October 2013)

This video segment includes interviews from 2012-2013, conducted with those TAWA participants who agreed to be interviewed on camera, separate and outside of the group meetings.


The following video segments present interviews from 2016, with a few of the participants, reflecting on TAWA, two years after it dissolved.

TAWA II (Historical Memory/Common Ground) (May 2016, Aug, 2016)

TAWA III: Why TAWA? (May 2016, Aug 2016)

TAWA IV-A: On the Search for  Memories (January 2017)

TAWA IV-B: On the Search for Common Ground (January 2017)


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